supanova melbourne

Friday night saw me setting up for Supanova at the Melbourne Showgrounds. Having a double stall, meant plenty of room to spread out… which you would think would mean an easy setup, right?! No.. this set up took me an epic 5 hours and I still wasn’t happy at the end of Friday night

However, when I got in on Saturday morning, I sorted it all out and was ready to go!

This was my first time as an exhibitor, so I was nervous and excited all at the same time, but it was an amazing day 1, which was made all the better by my beautiful friend Keziah, who was my rock all weekend.

*The lovely Keziah in all her Maleficent glory*

*Some of my favourite photos from day 1*

Day 2 was another crazy day, but so much fun. More cosplay and mingling with so many amazing artists and fans.

*Another day, another Tokyo Ghoul inspired cosplay*

*The amazing Ollie from Seizure Art and my beautiful Nova helpers, Rev and Keziah*

*Fun times with a couple of amazing women, Jess and Miss Bambi L’Amour*

Such an amazing experience, thank you to everyone who came to visit me and bought my creations!


The next event on the calendar is Animaga in August, but I’m working in the background to secure more events in the coming months.

For now… Stay batty, beautiful peeps